2 October 2013: Wednesday


  • Update:
    • Last night’s update was aborted due to a truncated feed file from Banner.  I believe, though it has not been confirmed yet, that the cause of the truncation was the 5pm-midnight maintenance window for Banner last night.  I manually reset the necessary files to make it appear that no changes from Banner had been sent and processed the rest of the update by hand.
    • Catching up on the issues from the updates that have run over the 4 day weekend I took:
      • Two former students – added
      • Two “STU” employees – matched and merged.
      • zero outstanding issues left hanging.


  • Save groups:
    • Have several systems that are experiencing technical difficulties (ie, they keep failing their backups) while I was out.  No hardware seems to have decided to self-destruct in my absence, which is good.  I’m working with the administrators in COM/IS, Structured Biology, and ETS to get those systems sorted out.
      • COM/IS – restarted the NetWorker service on the client in question – usually resolves that issue.
      • Structured Biology – They have a raid with a failed disk that is performing really poorly.  Expecting disk replacement this week, then after the rebuild it should be all better again.
      • ETS – can’t figure this one out – trying the old “but WSB works fine” trick…
  • New Hardware:
    • Today marks the beginning of the end for the old NexSan arrays that have been off maintenance since the end of July.  I am finally ready to start rolling forward with their replacement.  I’ll lay out the plan today and get it started before the end of the day if possible.
    • I have switched the order of storage nodes on the PeopleSoft save groups so they will go against the new system/hardware.  Tomorrow morning will be interesting!
  • Tape Dancing:
    • Continuing the relabeling of the tapes that came back from the vault last week.  I hope to get to the end of that today.
  • Documentation:
    • New versions of the hardware and software compatibility guides are available, downloaded and checked for changes:
      • Software compatibility guide is now set up for NetWorker 8.1, so that appears to be moving toward GA now.
      • The Hardware compatibility guide does not have a “what changed” section, so I don’t see what the changes are here – perhaps the addition of the “Discontinued” column – not really sure of what changed.  All of our hardware is still listed…


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