12 September 2013: Thursday


  • Accounts:
    • Three more issues in last night’s update.  All three resolved by HR this morning.  Plus one of the ones left over from yesterday.  Therefore, we are down to one lonely individual waiting to be found!


  • New Hardware:
    • The change I made yesterday to put some more load on the new hardware was a failure.  No, the hardware didn’t fail me.  The change failed.  The group that I modified to prefer the new storage node doesn’t use those storage nodes at all.  Oh bother!  So, I’m going to leave it alone and work on it when I get back on Monday.
  • Re-sharding:
    • Since I’m out on vacation tomorrow, I’m doing the re-sharding work today.  I’ll wait and load the new save set list tomorrow morning before I actually disappear.


  • Finally sorted out the issue I was having with the change to disable the rsyslog imuxsock module default rate limiting.  I got it approved and have deployed it.  All our RHEL6 boxen are now happily not rate limited in the messages they are sending to their local logs.



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