11 September 2013: Wednesday


  • Accounts:

    • Last night’s update generated an additional four issue entries.
    • OSP resolves their conflict with a former student entry.
    • HR resolves the two issues from last Friday.
    • One former student issue resolved.
    • One Student Employee with a mangled name is matched, merged, and sent to HR to get the name corrected in either PeopleSoft or Banner.
    • Two student employees are tentatively matched and sent to HR for confirmation.
    • At the end of the day, there are just last night’s two left dangling.


  • Save Groups:

    • Structured Biology group failed.  Probably a client issue.  Notified administrator to check on it.
    • CEMS group still has the one system that is not operational.  Almost time to disable that one instead of dealing with the failure message every day.  Not certain of the priority being applied to get it running again (ie, how critical is that system).  I’ve resisted the urge to disable it because I am going to be taking time off, and if it gets fixed while I’m out, I’d rather it just started backing up again instead of waiting for my return.
  • EMC Notifications:
    • Two notifications investigated:
      • We don’t run Avamar, so I don’t care about that one.
      • NW 8.1 Release Notes updated.  Those 197 pages get downloaded for reading.
  • Cloning:
    • Had to do a little pause dance to let the Tape clone job finish up and get out of the way of the Disk clone job which is dealing with data so old it is really on tape, and needs the same drives the Tape job uses.


  • rsyslog promise:

    • Digging into how to search for a partial line, and not finding it, insert a whole line.  I have not found the correct incantation to make google divulge the secret yet.



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