10 September 2013: Tuesday


  • HR cleaned up six issues, and OSP created another. ┬áStill have three outstanding un-matched entries to resolve.
  • Discovered (while working a problem) that rsyslog is dropping log entries on me. This makes me very unhappy.
    • added “$SystemLogRateLimitInterval 0” to the rsyslog.conf file on ldap11 and restarted it, that should turn the rate limiting function of imuxsock off.
    • It works. ┬áMade this change to all the ldap servers.
    • IMO: this is another fine example of stupid programmers thinking they are doing something wonderful for the world and creating a really big mess.


  • New Staging Code
    • It survived the night and the first daily restart without a burp
    • Now pushing the filesystem to the point of needing to stage, to test that function.
  • Cloning continues to plod along.
  • rsyslog config — see ldap above – same change made here to disable default rate limiting behavior.


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