6 September 2013: Friday


  • Checked on the leepfrog feed development.  It ran and generated the file that looks reasonable on the test system.  Now, we wait for the green light and where to deliver it.
    • Corrected a programming error that caused people without an HR privacy flag to be excluded from the extract.
  • Six LDAP update issues needing manual intervention:
    • One former student added.
    • Two new graduate student employees matched and merged.
    • Three sent to HR for clarification.
      • This makes Five total waiting.
    • 30 minutes spent on this today.
  • Account issue with mail delivery.  The first.last delivery address got purged. That purge happened before June – that’s a problem.  No clue how.  Time to write an audit.
    • Audit found one other account with the same issue – clearly caused by human intervention.
    • Also found one account that had a null alias.
    • Fixed all three problems.
  • version 2.4.36 deployed on test primary server.


  • Reported system backup failures to respective admins for their action and input.
  • Still struggling to get caught up on the backlog of clones that developed while the tape library was broken.
    • There are still 34.5 TB of backup data to be cloned!
  • It’s a Friday… it’s re-shard day… UGH.  One of the file servers du’d and run through the overly manual process to redistribute the save set names to get a more harmonious outcome (ie, a faster running backup).
  • Updated the 8.0sp2 and 8.0sp1 repositories with the latest from EMC.
  • Checked on clients that are no longer being backed up and got them out of all groups.  Then went through and purged the groups that have no backup data associated with them anymore.  (Yay for fall cleaning!)


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