5 September 2013: Thursday


  • Ten flagged additions to deal with
    • One former student, added.
    • Eight student role employees without enough information for an automated match:
      • Six were successfully matched and merged.
      • Two were passed to payroll for clarification.
    • One student role employee with a non-matching surname (and only an SSN match).  Everything else matches – so I merged them and notified payroll of the issue.
    • Time: 30 minutes.
  • Leapfrog feed development.


  • Cleanup in Aisle 3!
    • Creating an aftd on stornode2 yesterday and attempting to have ozzie use it was a large mistake.  Because the tape only pools are not restricted to the various physical tape drives (because of all the manual work required when one of those tape drives has to be replaced – and they all get replaced every year), NetWorker decided to demand that the index tapes for several of the backups be mounted on stornode2.  Well, stornode2 doesn’t have a tape drive, so that just wasn’t going to happen.  I reordered the storage nodes defined for ozzie so stornode1 (with its very underused tape drive) is first in the list.


  • Leapfrog LDAP feed.




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