18. Oktober 2012: Donnerstag


  • Backend DB stats script updated to give improved stats.
  • AD feed update to handle displayName better.  When will it go production??? Today!
  • Privacy flags… probably a great time to re-write and install where Account Services can take it over!
  • root filesystem space on the masters is getting crowded.  Need to expand or split.  Consensus is to split out the /home space onto its own file system.


  • The tape that was eaten by the failed drive was successfully offloaded and reused, but the next tape in the series of tapes used to hold it was short written.  DOH!  For the Record – tape drives are as evil as printers!
  • re-sharding of the email servers is ready to be installed tomorrow after the backup completes.
  • Test servers 45 day license expired.  Thankfully, I don’t need them to test anything right now.
  • Writing the recipe for the backup maintenance day (Monday).
    • OS upgrades
    • fsck’s
    • DataDomain: DDOS upgrade (scary upgrade)
    • DataDomain: 10GbE performance testing (if can work it out with DD support)
  • Develop graph/measurement to trend disk needs for AFTD.  Make suggestions to clients about how disk would help them.



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