18. August 2009 — Dienstag


  • EMC SR 30744500: Discovered man nsrck -MXv (long string of client names) running yesterday when I shutdown networker for monthly maintenance. Could those (some running from as far back as August 1, be related to the ongoing corruption problems in daemon.raw?
  • Found more tapes that have volretent value of “undef” instead of “expired”. These appear to be tapes that had previously had the volretent set to the ssretent value instead of the clretent value. At least I will assume that until I find one that was never on that list of tapes. Opened issue for tracking in sharepoint — issue #104
  • EMC SR 30964166: Working with Greg using norton1 as our guinea pig to verify that ASR recovery with AFTD’s involved is bad news — discovered that storage node ordering is critical to having it actually work.
  • Notify Cambridge that I would like info about the “dual power” option for the Qualstar XLS
  • Privacy Flags
  • Alumni Email-For-Life updates
  • Double check that backup of data directory is working

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