1. Mai 2006 — Montag


  • Examine and attempt to reproduce the ldap update problem from Saturday morning. The step that took almost an hour to run Saturday runs in eight minutes using the copy of the database that was backed up two hours before the run. Theories include memory shortage and large insertion of entries from the grey-listing function on the mail servers
  • Electrical room overheating. Condensor for the A/C unit is malfunctioning. Notified by building supervisor of the heat and looking at the graphs, it appears it broke at the same time as the power outage last Thursday evening. Institute cron job to monitor heat and email at 25 (degrees C) and page at 30.
  • Reboot test calendar server (hardware raid card screwed up last Friday late in the day). Unfortunately, a unidbfix was running … open a SR with Oracle to see how to get the system to realize that unidbfix is NOT running so I can in fact run it…
    • In /tmp there lives a file named .mutex.CALSERV.35629.oracle.006.023 (or probably something similar) which needs to get removed for unidbfix to be able to run!
  • Send out third notice to accounts that will be removed in July.

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