9. November 2005 — Mittwoch


  • FP Issue=17016 proj=4: Hung imapd — responded to SigUSR1 — Killed
  • FP Issue=17021 proj=4: Lost email — recovered INBOX from day before
  • FP ISSUE=17022 PROJ=4: Hung imapd — responded to SigUSR1 — Killed
  • Remove old SSH.com 2.4.0 code from otter
  • FP ISSUE=17022 PROj=4: lost webmail address book
    • Working with Scott to identify which table to look at
    • turba_* is the list of tables to look at
    • Recovered backups from 11/7 and 11/1 and did not find any addressbook entries for the specified NetID in either copy
    • Updated issue with need to know when the addressbook was last known to exist so we can recover it
  • rack2h space issue… walk-in uploaded 1.5GB to backup a machine during a rebuild… properly chastised!


  • Installing 7.0 on test server
  • Oops… DBD is looking for mysql_config and we don’t have it!
  • Ok… got it… had to install mysql-devel package and gcc…
  • Scheduled downtime for production system for 5am to 7am Friday morning

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