20. April 2005 — Mittwoch


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19. April 2005 — Dienstag

Recruitment, WebCT, UPS, Data Center Renovation/Relocation

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18. April 2005 — Montag

LDAP, Meetings

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16. April 2005 — Samstag


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15. April 2005 — Freitag

eMail, LDAP, FC, Backup

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14. April 2005 — Donnerstag

Vacation! LDAP problems 🙁

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13. April 2005 — Mittwoch

Email echovermont.org mappings updated per request Accounts PeopleSoft consultant account updated per request LDAP attempt to determine why sendmail got denied ldap connection at 11:57:04 Recruitment send out interview inquiries

12. April 2005 — Dienstag

Meeting to discuss php ldap access for College of Education course interface. Need to add index for member attribute LDAP: ldap replica server configuration on new machine for the president’s email. HRS and Banner updated the entries that disagreed yesterday. There were NO entries with ID conflicts this morning! YIPPEE!!! Replica firewalls updated to properly […]

A new blog is born

Wow, here I am… everyone else is doing this blogging stuff, so here I am too. We’ll see if I am diligent and keep this up or not….