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Frank's Activity Log

20. November 2015: Friday

Posted: November 20th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates: No issues in LDAP, ACCOUNT, or Exchange Sync


  • Save Groups:
    • The Usual crop of failures: med23, windowpane, OpenStack systems
  • Projects
    • Cleaned up the crontab (in prep for vacation)
    • Defined four new backup clients for EAS
    • Updated the BgiRate on bujbod1 in the hopes of getting that init done
  • Performance:
    • Spent about 90 minutes working with a customer to help them figure out the slowness of their backups (looks like a bad network driver in the new version of the OS they installed)


  • An account was removed yesterday.  It was not the right one.  I restored it.


  • RHEL7 systems get their VMware Tools by:
    • yum install open-vm-tools
    • systemctl enable vmtoolsd.service
    • systemctl start vmtoolsd.service

19. November 2015: Thursday

Posted: November 19th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates:
    • No issues in LDAP, ACCOUNT and Exchange Sync
  • VPN:
    • One update per request
  • Fixes:
    • One more pass (7 updates) of the displayName fix script (this one shrunk multiple spaces to a single space).


  • Save Groups:
    • The usual cast of failures:
      • MED23 O:\, Windowpane E:\, and the three systems in OpenStack (heat01, mariadb03, neutron01)
  • Clones:
    • Tape clones finished up at 19:16 last evening, everything is done for this week
  • Problems:
    • Tape RMAs 49906 and 49912 – drives replaced.
  • NetWorker 9:
    • Pulled the 11-12-2015 updated code and documentation.
    • Starting to digest the changes.
  • bujbod1:
    • Waiting for the background initialization to complete before rolling into production.
    • Given one more day before I’m out for a week, I’ll likely leave it be until middle of next week (after the work is done and I’m around the house with not much to do).
    • nagios monitoring reported the RAID as critical because of the Background Initialization.  Updated the check script so that is only a warning (and shows the percent completed).
  • Futures:
    • Sent out summary email of the discussions with Rubrik, Dell and EMC and where I think I’m heading.

18. November 2015: Wednesday

Posted: November 18th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates:
    • LDAP: no issues.
    • ACCOUNTS: no issues.
    • Exchange Sync: no issues.


  • Save Groups:
    • The usual crop of failures…
    • bam2 not able to resolve ozzie’s ip address – erhm???
  • Clones:
    • Tape is down to 3TB on 7 of 9.
  • Problems:
    • Tape 9310128194:  Qualstar is replacing it.  RMA #49912.  The replacement arrived late due to FedEx issues.
    • Both hard drives in bujbod1’s jbod were replaced.
  • Projects:
    • more work on bujbod1 – nagios checks work now.

17. November 2015: Tuesday

Posted: November 17th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates:
    • LDAP: no issues.
      • Acknowledgement from HR that the student from yesterday was correct.  Data merged into LDAP entry.
    • ACCOUNTS: no issues.
    • Exchange sync: no issues.
  • Code:
    • One-shot for displayName with single value.


  • Save groups:
    • The usual four groups failed for the usual reasons.
    • One new addition: fax3 failed.  It is powered off.  Permanently?
  • Clones:
    • CoM/IS and Disk clones finished.
    • Tape Clones 15TB left in 7 of 9.
  • Problems:
    • Qualstar RMA 49906: Tape arrived today.
    • Reported Code A on *4AC13 with itdt dump.
    • AMS Seagate Drive with SMART failure – replacement drive has been received for 54:9.
    • Reported 32:6 as second failed drive to AMS.
  • More work on bujbod1 rebuild
    • wiki page (title=Ozzie) updated with new bujbod building instructions.

16. November 2015: Monday

Posted: November 16th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates:
    • LDAP: one issue over the weekend – waiting on HR for clarification
    • ACCOUNTS: no issues
    • Exchange: no issues
  • HR Retirees file updated.


  • Save Groups:
    • The usual failures
  • Vault Tapes:
    • Reclaimed one (1) tape for the Vaults.
  • Bujbod1:
    • Continued working on the rebuild.
    • Disk in JBOD (54:9 – drive # 34) has SMART error.
      • AMS wants proof I destroyed it before they will send a replacement.
  • Problems:
    • SN9 ST3 – *5348D (1310136373) – Code A and three tapes written short.
      • Disabled, took dump, sent to Qualstar
      • Qualstar has issued RMA 49906 for this drive.  Bad Head.

14. November 2015: Saturday

Posted: November 14th, 2015 by fcs

  1. Two pages for spammers
  2. Two pages for email server reboots
  3. Blackboard work
    1. bugbear3’s collectd process appears to be broken
    2. snap.log needs to be consulted when the nagios snapper page goes off
  4. LDAP updates:
    1. Corrected the UUID in merged entries for CatCard and Portal consumption
    2. Emailed HR about a new student employee (not certain of the match I found)

13. November 2015: Friday

Posted: November 13th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates:
    • LDAP – PS added an SSN wednesday night – and I merged the two entries that did not appear to be used.  Of course, I blopped the wrong one – damn it.
    • ACCOUNT – no issues
    • Exchange – new mgt system and it won’t let things work.  Finally got that fixed.


  • Save groups:
    • The usual batch of failures
    • Plus there was a network issue at 10pm Wednesday night that nuked a lot of things including several running backups.
    • The OpenStack group is still not right.
  • Clones:
    • Finished at 12:30 am this morning.
  • Rebuild:
    • bujbod1 is starting to come together… having trouble with the MegaCLI commands… need to figure that out to set it up with two 22 disk RAID6 LUNs and a GHSP.


  • penguini – deadlock (4:40am reboot)
  • penguinh – deadlock (4:50am reboot)

11. November 2015: Wednesday

Posted: November 11th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates:
    • LDAP: no issues
    • ACCOUNT: 48 accounts failed to create because penguina was rebooted at 4:30 and the account process was still running.
      • Recovery completed at 8:25 (63 minutes after I started).
    • Exchange Sync: ran without errors – reran to deal with the 48.
  • Coding:
    • ldapAccount.pl updated to deal with ePPN attribute when creating an account to force it to be the active account value.
    • Wrote an audit and found no existing LDAP entries that needed to be fixed.
  • Ugh!  Manually did the last half of the rename of an account that IAM ran into trouble with and then lost their connection to the system where the script was waiting for us to fix the problem!  UGH.


  • Save Groups:
    • MED23 O failed.
    • WindowPane E failed.
    • Two of the new OpenStack group members failed.
      • One seems to not have networker running (or a firewall problem).
      • One seems to be confused about what name it has.
    • Enabled the last seven members of this OpenStack group.
  • Clones:
    • Tape: 14TB left in 6 of 9.
  • bujbod1 rebuild started:
    • The firmware updates put a web server on the IMM that does not function with Safari.  Oh Sweet Jesus, I’m so happy… they support Firefox and Chrome, but no version of Safari is going to work.
    • One of the 10GbE ports was turned off – why? No idea.  Had NS turn it on.

10. November 2015: Tuesday

Posted: November 10th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates:
    • LDAP: a surname mis-match issue
      • Asking OSP to verify the likely match I found
    • ACCOUNT: no issues.
    • Exchange Sync: no issues.


  • Save Groups:
    • The usual failures.  Ugh.
    • Creating new save group for Brian and openstack.
  • Clones:
    • CoM/IS and Disk clones done.
    • Tape clones have about 5TB left in 1 of 9.
  • Issues:
    • Replaced used cleaning cartridge.


  • Set up for accounts that start with “4-” /sigh.

9. November 2015: Monday

Posted: November 9th, 2015 by fcs


  • Updates:
    • LDAP:
      • Issues with two new employees (Friday)
        • Found the student entries and merged.
      • leepfrog feed failed (Sunday)
        • leepfrog system refusing connection.
        • Provost’s office working with vendor to see what’s up.
    • Accounts:
      • No issues.
    • Exchange:
      • All sync attempts worked fine.
  • Updated Account routines to improve the UVM Portal experience for Former Students transitioning between the two states.
  • ACL updates to let IAM see what is going on (correcting an improper acl that was overly restrictive when the new portal was rolled out).


  • Save Groups:
    • MED23 and WindowPane failures
  • Firmware
    • damned IBM code refusing to write to the USB stick I put in.
    • Building ISO and will burn that to a DVD and try that.
  • Reclaimed three (3) tapes for the vaults.
  • Clones started.


  • Outlook is a problem.
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