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Frank's Activity Log

23 September 2014: Tuesday

Posted: September 23rd, 2014 by fcs


  • No issues last night.


  • Seven (7) clients claim to be “not properly defined”, resetting their aliases fixes that (again).
  • Clones of Disk and Tape completed overnight.  CoM/IS clone continues.
  • Data Domain space is still critical.  I hope the lawyers give us an answer today.
  • Tape Drive (sn3/nst1/sn: 1310279925) SCD A: dump and email sent to Qualstar.
    • Qualstar issued RMA 49177 to replace the tape drive.
  • Installed NetWorker 8.2 on the test systems.
    • Oh joy.  8.2 still has the “scanning in persistent name mode throws spurious error messages”
      • I cannot find ANY way short of deleting the tape library and scanning for a new one, to get around this problem.
  • EMC continues to distress me with their inability to respond to an opened SR in any kind of reasonable time period.


  • Followed the instructions for deleting a workspace – which stated that I’d be told where the workspace issue data was stored and how to delete it prior to the deletion being done.  It was not.  Opened issue 329914 with BMC to
    • Find out how to determine which MySQL tables are associated with the project I removed now that it is gone.
    • Request that either the documentation or the code be fixed.

22 September 2014: Monday

Posted: September 22nd, 2014 by fcs


  • No issues over the weekend.
  • Allowed Account Services to unlock a departing account for the second time.


  • Data Domain is still functioning!
  • Today is backup maintenance day.
    • Start of maintenance delayed because customer manual clones and email backup runs late.
    • Backup Maintenance rushed through in an hour!
  • Winfiles1 backing up the S:\ disk contrary to the directive that says to skip.  Opened SR 65904996 referencing the old SR 64273236 which was for the same problem in (now in  As Scottie said “the more complicated they make the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the works”.
  • Clones started after backup maintenance squeezed in.

19 September 2014: Friday

Posted: September 19th, 2014 by fcs


  • Issues
    • That possible duplication is confirmed.  Merged them.  Notified the folks in PeopleSoft land.
    • Student Employee: Found the student entry, merged.


  • Clones completed yesterday.
  • Data Domain (after being cleaned up) came up with 1.3TB free space.
  • Maintenance work planned for Monday (and printed).


  • Assisted with the deployment of the new sslvpn system.


  • OS updates on workstation.


  • Issue 327325: Internal Server Error
    • WooHoo!  We finally got a hit with the CARP debugging turned on.  Now to see what BMC wants to do (or see, in addition to the screen capture).
  • End User support – Roger is out today, and I got tagged.
    • Once again – they’re are going in through the customer entrance and expecting to be able to behave like an agent.  Education!
    • Another issue was someone got tagged as “Customer: Read/Submit” and was trying to edit (which they were not allowed to do).

18 September 2014: Thursday

Posted: September 18th, 2014 by fcs


  • Issues:
    • Graduate Student Employee: Found, merged.
  • Primary LDAP server rebooted (200+ days – yikes!)
  • Outbound feed changes from multiple directions – we’ll see if these move into production.


  • Clones finished overnight!  YAY.
  • Data Domain at 99% full (230.4 GiB free), start another cleaning.
  • Repaired the damage that the email backup change did to the “recoverinbox” and “recovermail” commands.


  • Restore a couple of ldap entries that were removed by a request that turned out to be flawed.

17 September 2014: Wednesday

Posted: September 17th, 2014 by fcs


  • No issues in the update last night.
  • Rolling restart of ldap servers to pick up new set of ACLs.
  • Apparently, yesterday’s update to the daily data deleter code was not quite correct.  Recovered the files AGAIN, and modified the daily data deleter code for hopefully the last time.


  • Clones are working their way through, and should finish today or tomorrow.
  • DataDomain continues to be almost full.

16 September 2014: Tuesday

Posted: September 16th, 2014 by fcs


  • Issues:
    • There were eight (8) “LDAP_ALREADY_EXISTS” errors in the monthly purge yesterday (which started at 10am and finished at 5pm) attempting to add sendmail bounce LDAP entries.
    • The AD update paused for human examination because 25% of the DN’s were being deleted (which was the 10,653 users [from the monthly purge] plus just over 5,000 groups).
    • One Former Student in the update for the night:  added the entry.
  • “Purge BCA” update finds 1,391 entries that should be done away with.   Sent the list off for further analysis by support staff.
  • Working on steps required for new portal authentication for former students.


  • Yesterday’s draconian measures got us back to 1,318 GiB of free space, and almost half of that is gone again this morning with the nightly incremental.  Running a clean (not having deleted anything extra, as there is nothing left to be deleted) to find the additional duplications for compacting.
  • Performing analysis of what has been backed up and is it a growing problem that will not clear itself or a temporary bubble that will?

15 September 2014: Monday

Posted: September 15th, 2014 by fcs


  • Issues: None over the weekend.
  • Meeting with Registrar’s Office and programmer to discuss plan to clean up the “F” status folks that have no other affiliation (or have F and FS only).


  • The Data Domain is again at 100% full.  Ok – taking the draconian measures I discussed with Mike on Friday:  Removing all but the current cycle of INBOX backups, and purging the old volumes that have gone unused in years (probably not a lot of significance there).

12 September 2014: Friday

Posted: September 12th, 2014 by fcs


  • Issues:
    • A student employee – found and merged.


  • Critical space shortage – again with the deletions.

10 September 2014: Wednesday

Posted: September 10th, 2014 by fcs


  • No Issues.  Well, the one issue was trying to delete the entry that never made it in because it was a mistake to begin with that I have been talking with Registrar’s Office about for a few days.  All better now.


  • CoM/IS clones finished, the other clones chug along.
  • No failures in groups last night.
  • AD Domain Controllers need special attention.  And an addition!
  • DataDomain is still in a space crunch.  Ouch… time to wipe out more data a few days early… /sigh


  • Responded to a message from a support person for Admissions that they are having a printing problem with envelopes not being pulled from the correct tray.  Asked them to tell me the make and model of the printer, what control language, what tray the envelopes are in and what the control language command to select that tray is.
  • Got the PCL command string, and we’ll see if it works for them.


  • Common ground setting for Portal V5 & WebAuth project.

9 September 2014: Tuesday

Posted: September 9th, 2014 by fcs


  • Three issues:
    • BCA – Update: That one that I asked about last week has been updated.  Well… That doesn’t help anything… changing the name to include “Dupl:” in the middle doesn’t help find a match. /sigh…  I’ll go back to Banner folk about that one…
    • BCA – very little to go on – but there is ONE “temp ce” employee that matches by name and birthday.  Ok — merge.
    • Graduate Student Employee: found and merged.
  • Research SASLAUTHD with multiple realms (or multiple saslauthd’s with OpenLDAP)


  • The CoM/IS Offsite tapes finished their relabeling.
  • Started relabeling the UVM Offsite tapes.
  • Second round of relabeling the UVM Offsite tapes got the last of them.
  • Started the clone cycle.
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