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Frank's Activity Log

22 July 2014: Tuesday

Posted: July 22nd, 2014 by fcs


  • No issues last night.


  • Multiple clients are not properly defined today – thank you EMC for that little bugger – added them to the script and re-run the jobs.
  • Figuring out how to quote for new backups… yeah… sure… trying to figure out what new backups will really look like!
  • And… figuring out that I haven’t got a ghost of a chance of ever doing a successful recover again!
  • Tape clones complete, CoM/IS clones close to done, Disk clones still chugging.
  • 10G networking cables installed on repository and stornode5 systems.

21 July 2014: Monday

Posted: July 21st, 2014 by fcs


  • No issues over the weekend.


  • NetWorker: maintenance day – successfully deployed, SR 64273236 work done.
  • Backup Issues from over the weekend:
    • One windows system failed because of low disk space, not enough space left to take VSS snapshots.
    • The big Windows Fileserver again started backing up the S:\ disk that we have told it not to.
    • The webmail development system failed because of a read-only file system.
  • Veeam webex for some double checking.

18 July 2014: Friday

Posted: July 18th, 2014 by fcs


  • Two SSN/surname issues.  One is a simple typo on entry (will merge and let PeopleSoft clean up its mess).  The other is a likely marriage but need to confirm – waiting on response from Payroll.


  • Disk clones finished yesterday (Tape clones were finished earlier in the week).  CoM/IS clones finished this afternoon.
  • Another tape drive with a code 6, and makes a tape go “unlabeled” which an nsrjb -II fixes — but Damn, NetWorker… come on!
  • Figured out the Linux FLR hoops with Veeam.
  • Figuring out the web server part of Veeam.
  • Oh – Veeam delegation is not going to work without the system file indexing working :/


  • Install the authentication manager on the new computers for Account Services.

17 July 2014: Thursday

Posted: July 17th, 2014 by fcs


  • Another SSN only wrong surname issue.  Found enough to feel comfortable doing the merge on my own.
  • Updated the cn on three departmental accounts to fix a problem during the creation (wrong information entered).


  • Two systems failed to backup.  One is being researched (A CoM/IS Windows system that has had a lot of issues lately) and the other was powered off yesterday.
  • More learning and trying out things in VEEAM.
  • SR 64273236: Intermittent ignoring of directives
    • There is a problem of a configuration file that was clobbered (or never created) that is supposed to be fixed in  They want me to upgrade to that.  Well, Monday is the maintenance day – I can do it on that day.  I will also recover the lost Config.xml file on that day (it was erased when was removed and installed on April 21).
  • SR 64026734: scanning using persistent names loses the library
    • Suggestion to exclude the scsi address of the controller.  No change (what format)?


  • dodo.uvm.edu deployed (VEEAM restore of test server to new location) to become the new footprints.uvm.edu.

16 July 2014: Wednesday

Posted: July 16th, 2014 by fcs


  • One issue last night – ye olde returning person with a new name.  Ah, and we’ve done this dance before! The netid agrees with the “new” name… and the account hasn’t been purged yet (it hasn’t been a year since last employed).  Ok… that’s enough for me – fixing up LDAP, reactivating the account.


  • CoM/IS clones started, Disk clones continue, Tape clones finished.
  • A copy of a client I set up yesterday had a backup command that didn’t make sense with the new client and I missed it in my rush to get it done.  Cleaned it up and caused the system to backup.
  • A couple of CoM/IS clients decided to fail.  CoM/IS is investigating the issue.


  • Tripped over a lot of issues getting that backup server license generated.  Seems the automated process can’t handle our legacy (unlimited) license!  Or at least the new one that was changed to deal with version 12 (we’re upgrading to 11.6).  Finally got a human (Thank you Jennifer!) and they were able to negotiate the really old process to get a license for me and it worked!
  • Now, I need to figure out how to copy/convert the production system onto the test system.  No, the versions are on different sides of a “thou shalt not pass” line.  I’d have to revert the test system back to 9.5, copy the workspaces required over, and then upgrade to 11.6 again.  There just isn’t enough time to do that.

15 July 2014: Tuesday

Posted: July 15th, 2014 by fcs


  • No new issues – still waiting on word back from OSP about that one person.


  • Still a long running full save from the weekend.  Started the disk and tape clones.
  • stole 5 tapes and a cleaning cartridge for the VEEAM testing.

14 July 2014: Monday

Posted: July 14th, 2014 by fcs


  • One former student over the weekend.  Created the LDAP entry.


  • SR 64273236 – EMC says that  since it only happened once, what do I want to do???  Seriously!?!?!?
  • Dealing with more of the configuration for the VEEAM proof.

11 July 2014: Friday

Posted: July 11th, 2014 by fcs


  • Issues – yes, a few while I was out.
    • multiple barcodes: Looks like a CatCard database error.  Notified the administrators.
    • OSP feed SSN only match and wrong last name.  Notified for research.


  • Clones all finished – YAY!
  • Tape Library reconfiguration day – tape library is reconfigured.  Broken part is replaced (and new part works).  Weeeee
  • and the 3850 is back on the scrap pile.  A 3650 with 16GB  of memory and 6 73GB disks takes the role.

9 July 2014: Wednesday

Posted: July 9th, 2014 by fcs


  • No issues.
  • feed for network services
  • help account services


  • Hmmm, whack-a-mole continues – different Windows system refuses to backup today.
  • Bah – have another client that appears to be stuck.  Notifying the admin.
  • and rack and stack and stack and rack

8 July 2014: Tuesday

Posted: July 8th, 2014 by fcs


  • No issues in last night’s update.


  • Weekly clones started.
  • Tapes that should have been recycled more than a month ago were manually recycled.
  • Special backup performed for CoM/IS to see if their chkdsk fixed the issues with the M drive – it appears to have.
  • Rack and Stack.
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