Programs and Research

Programs for Farmers

Agricultural  Business Program Menu This summary sheet describes the current one-on-one programs available for farms, forest business owners and sugar makers.

Water Quality Business AnalysisFarm business educators are working with farms to analyze the business aspects of meeting water quality goals.

AG BIZ PRO: Individualized education for the experienced farm manager. 

Ag Biz Pro is the program of choice for farm managers who wish to continue working with an individual adviser after completing a grant funded Farm Viability business planning project. Participants work directly with a farm business adviser within a flexible curriculum to address priority issues facing the business.

Farm Viability Business Planning

Full Business Plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan that covers all aspects of the business for 1-3 years. Includes short / long term goals, marketing plans, management plans, risk analysis and financial statements.

Transfer Plan: Planning focused on the unique relational, tax and legal consideration of transferring ownership and management of the farm to other people or parties.

Enterprise Analysis Plan: Isolate and analyze one enterprise within your business or test the feasibility of a new idea.

Cash Flow Plan: Develop budgets and update the financial statements needed to make key decisions or apply for financing.

Dairy Management Team: Assembles a team of advisers and facilitates group meetings  to address short term decisions and longer term strategies for success.