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Maple Economics: Please go to our Maple Benchmark web-page for more information on our projects.

VT Vineyard Finance Research (with funding from the VT Working Lands Enterprise Board): The project worked with vineyard managers to develop a feasible grape vineyard financial model to map out the costs of installation and maintenance of the vineyard over several years. The final report is available here: FBRR014 2015 Vineyard Feasibility Study

VT Poultry Enterprise Research (with funding from the VT Working Lands Enterprise Board):  The project studied different enterprise profiles for laying hen operations from 1,000 to 3,000 hens. The final report includes legal issues, marketing and best management practices. The final report is available here: FBRR013 2015 Scaling Up Egg Production

Future Services and Fee for Services Research: Our farm viability team is working with past program participants to understand what type of future or ongoing services these farms would find valuable. We are also investigating sustainable participant fees so that our program can still be available if grant funding is not available or participants are not eligible for various grant sources.


If you need assistance accessing the Farm Viability website, please contact Mark Cannella: 802-476-2003

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  1. We were referred to you by Vermont Vegetable / Berry Growers Association. May 2015 we planted 2,400 High Bush Blueberry Plants in an effort to provide a 2 acre PYO Blueberry Farm operation in the Saint Johnsbury area. This farm also has a 1 acre Specialty Heirloom Organic Apple orchard and will break ground of a ‘Test’ parcel for Hazelnuts Autumn of 2015.
    We are very interested in participated in any new or future research / tests on the use of Soft Wood Chips for high acidity soil maintenance, soil organic matter levels, moisture retention and weed suppressing properties. We are in process of placing a 400 cubic yard base (4″ depth into 3′ planting beds) of these wood chips in the blueberry planting. We would like to continue placing 2″ of wood chip mulch annually so that we can have a constant bed of 6-8″. (In 2009 we conducted a test of 8″ bed of unscreened Fir tree wood chips in our existing ‘Test’ parcel and discovered that we did not need to begin weeding the beds until 2013. The conclusion was that 2″ of Fir tree wood chips decomposed annually.)
    In addition, we need to identify reliable sources for wood chips that are reasonably priced. (need 200 cubic yards per year for maintenance). Would you be able to assist us in identifying sources?
    We opt out of using sawdust because of the risks of suffocating young, fine root systems on newly planted bare root bushes. Any assistance you can offer is very much appreciated. Kind Regards, Sue
    Sweet Seasons Farm

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