Life in the library isn’t so bad

Everyone always told me my junior year in college would be really hard, but I defiantly did not understand just how much work I would have. However, I’ve found comfort in the fact that everyone else I know is in exactly the same boat. I’ve made new friends in the library simply because we both always choose the same quiet spot on the third floor or have sat next to each other at the computers for an entire day. It’s a strange sense of camaraderie we juniors have, the common phrase seems to be “we just have to get through this year!” My roommates and I have combated the work load blues with snacks and supportive texts. Though it’s difficult, it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever been challenged like this. College has been hard for sure but it has never been quite so overwhelming. These past few months have taught me a lot about work ethic and stress management. The key is simple and something I have been told my whole life; manage your time! I feel like I’m finally learning this lesson. I also really like what I’m learning, which makes things a lot easier. Being prepared for class isn’t about getting a good grade but being able to participate. All the things I’ve learned previously and all of the things I’m learning now are working together to form a a strong background from which I have been able to develop my own opinions and support them.

But I don’t want you to think I’ve been all work and no play. I am a strong advocate for the balance of fun and work. You’ll go crazy otherwise!! Here’s some pictures to prove I’ve gotten out of the library once and a while;

Exploring some local waterfalls

Goofing around in the kitchen

My roommates and I getting ready for Halloween

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