I’m a Junior in College?!

Fall has come again, bringing crisp air and pumpkin flavored coffee. Accordingly, classes too have started. With them are the students of the many Burlington colleges, back for another year. After spending the summer in Burlington, I have found it a little overwhelming to be back in the old routine. It has taken these two weeks to get used to the concept of homework again. However, the semesters commencement has been a welcome one. I am taking three English classes this semester and two spanish classes. Already, I am aware that this is my hardest semester yet!

My English classes are all higher level courses and are both challenging and intriguing. These classes all require a number of prerequisites, and as a result my classmates have all taken similar courses to the ones I have participated in. This creates a great foundation for conversation for we all have similar backgrounds in our literary education, but our interpretation of what we have learned varies greatly. My favorite English class thus far has been “Adventures of Perception in 20th Century Literature and Philosophy.” It is a unique combination of modernist philosophy and literature and the way in which they influence each other. We are reading Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway,” a novel that is quickly becoming a favorite!

My Spanish classes are upper level as well. As I have mentioned before, I am hoping to study abroad in Chile next semester and higher level Spanish classes are required. Spanish has never been my forte so I’m really going to have to work hard this semester! However, both my classes are conducive for quick learning. Both my professors speak only in Spanish for the entire class, I can already tell a difference in my listening comprehension.

On a different note, I moved into my house on June first with six other of my friends. This summer was a blast to say the least! Now we’re all just trying to find the balance between fun and schoolwork!


My house!

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