Dorm Life

As I prepare to move off campus at the end of the year, I find myself becoming sentimental about my time in the dorms. I have lived in Harris Hall for the past two years, so I feel really comfortable with my surroundings. I know when the best times do laundry are (never on Sundays!), the quickest route to the Davis center, how best to get down three flights of stairs with all my ski stuff in one trip… Though everyone likes to complain about the small living spaces and mandatory floor meetings, its actually been a really fun two years. I can’t think of a better way to meet people for they create such a great sense of community. WDW (a dorm on Redstone campus) has lounges on each floor. Every lounge has a kitchen, a big table, and a bunch of comfy chairs. Some of my best friends live in this dorm and we have really taken advantage the lounges. We often cook big meals when we want a break from the dining halls. We also like to paint in there, for it gives us a lot of space. We started painting with just our friends but soon most of the floor got involved. It has become a huge activity, with tons of people hanging out and painting on a night that would normally be nondescript. Dorms have been a really fun experience but I’m excited for the new adventure of living downtown!


Cooking in the lounge. Gretchen (in the back) had a long day with an early morning Crew practice.


We have discovered that painting without brushes is a lot more fun!

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