New Semester, New Classes

After a great weekend skiing (it felt like Spring!) it feels good to get back to classes and really start in on the material for the semester. I am taking a pretty broad range of courses, from Botany (the study of plants) to a class on Chaucer… that is entirely in Middle English. However, the class that I am most excited about is my independent study. When I was looking for classes last semester I was disappointed that the University didn’t offer a class on Magical Realism, a literary genre we began in my Global Literature class last semester. I asked my professor after class one day if I could create a class like the one I envisioned and if he could be my adviser. The whole thing was surprisingly easy. I emailed my Global studies adviser, printed out a form that ensures I will get credit for the class, and now its all set! Our first “class” was last Friday. We met in his office for about an hour and discussed Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, an author considered to be one of the first of the magical realist genre. Normally, I love a class setting for it allows people to develop their ideas together, to form new ideas. However, this was a cool break from the normal format for it forces me to formulate more concrete ideas on my own. I know that this class is going to be really important to the way I read and write, for it has already given me a lot more confidence in my own interpretations.

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