Andy Warhol Comes to UVM

Yesterday, friends and I went to the Fleming Museum to see an exhibit entitled “Andy Warhol: Fashionistas and Celebrities.” The Fleming Museum is right on central campus, so we went right after class, and for free! The exhibit contained Polaroids taken by Warhol in the 1970s and 80s. It was so interesting to see work other than the iconic banana or Campbel’s soup can (not that I wouldn’t love to see those too!) However, these simple photographs didn’t lack Warhol’s stylized signature. Each photograph captured not just what the person looked like, but what they represented. Whether it was the use of painted white faces or capturing someone in mid-sentence, Warhol lived up to his name in his documentation of pop culture. The exhibit also contained detailed descriptions of the Polaroids, including descriptions of Warhol’s life at the time as well as quotes from both Warhol and the subjects. It was such a great afternoon, and it all happened within walking distance from my Botany class!

Here’s a picture of the Fleming Museum, for more information about this exhibit or others they’ll be having in the future you can visit


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