For months I have stopped myself from reaching into my closet and putting on my big, floor length, winter jacket. I have told myself over and over that I need to wait for “real winter.” Then the other day I realized it was December! The Christmas lights on church street are up, the snow is staring to blanket the campus”real winter” is most certainly upon us. Where did the semester go? It feels like yesterday that I was making plans to go to the beach, now all anyone can talk about is skiing.

Classes ended on Wednesday and the traditional naked bike ride took place. The naked bike ride is a time honored tradition wherein students bike, scooter, run or walk around the L&L loop to celebrate the end of classes at midnight! Its such a fun day, everyone takes a study break to participate or just watch.

Speaking of study breaks, I am taking one right now. I have a huge final paper due on Monday. Though its been a lot of work, I am walking away knowing a lot more than I started and I have actually enjoyed doing the research. The topic is Orientalism, the idea off the Western traditions creation of the “other.” Still, I’ll be happy when its all over!

To celebrate our hard work and to get into the Christmas spirit, my friends and I are going to see a production of A Christmas Carol on Sunday. Its playing at the Flynn center, this great venue right in downtown Burlington.

I am going home for break on Friday, and I have to say I’m a little sad to leave…. Though home is great, its a little boring compared to school.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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