The Meteor Shower

Yesterday, my roommate told me about how she had learned in her Astrology class that there was a big meteor shower expected last night. I don’t have a lot of work this week so I figured it was the perfect time to go. A lot of my friends were in the same boat so we decided to stay up and watch it. We waited until the peak viewing hours, from two to four in the morning. I am little tired this morning but it was worth it! Though it wasn’t the apocalyptic-like viewing experience I was hoping for it was still fun to be out there. Because Burlington’s lights made it harder to see the shower we drove ten minutes away to a lookout that has a beautiful view of the mountains and Lake Champlain during the day. Last night, however, it had a beautiful view of the bright night sky and amazing meteors! We weren’t the only ones with the idea either, tons of other people were out there to watch it too. Every time a big meteor would rush through the sky the crowd would simultaneously exclaim “ooo… ahhh.” One of my friends called them natural fireworks. I like to think of it as nature’s reward for all the hours we logged in at the library these last few weeks!

Here’s a picture of what the meteors looked like last night:


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