Getting Ready for Winter

After a weekend of Indian summer it seems that the UVM campus has re-entered the cold. Everyone is bundled again and the talk of snow is abuzz. Following the trend, the triple major booth has set up shop again in the Davis Center. The triple major is a pass to three of the major mountains in the area, Jay Peak, Bolton, and Mad River Glen. Its a great deal for students who ski a lot! Each mountain has something different to offer, Bolton is smaller but really close, Mad River Glen is a unique spot, only allowing skiers, and Jay Peak is my favorite. Though its an hour away its just the right size and I spent some of my favorite days of last year there. I’m so excited for winter to be here. Though I love fall and all its colors this cold weather is just a tease for the sparkling snow on the ground, red cheeks, and the necessity of hot chocolate.

However the beginning of the winter always marks the beginning of the cold I will carry for the rest of the season. I already have the stuffy nose and sore throat. I bet its just from a lack of sleep but with all the swine flu talk I can’t help but worry a little!


This is at the top of Jay Peak on a beautiful day last year!

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