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Last year I remember making it a few weeks into school and realizing that college was in fact NOT summer camp. Meaning, college was not just a place for me to meet new people and have fun but a place for learning, where hard work was required. Well I have definitely hit that point again, tests are rearing their ugly heads, and papers are due… to quote another student blog, back to the grind…

However, it’s not all drudgery; I really like all my classes. In drawing we are using these HUGE pieces of paper, paper that is almost as big as I am, to draw germs. As a result the whole class is a mess of chalk dust and ink, and our papers are filled with these crazy looking shapes. It has been a really fun way to let my imagination run wild.

One of my favorite classes is World Literature. As I said before, I am Global Studies major with an English minor so this class is right up my alley. We have been studying the novel, Heart of Darkness the whole year. Since reading the novel, we have read many different articles about it, providing the class with a range of perspectives. We basically just have big class discussions on how the novel relates to globalization and what that means. A lot of times the conversation leads to who gets left behind. Being a class of mostly females, we often talk about the marginalization of woman. I love to hear everyone’s opinions; my favorite part about reading is that every person will read a text differently.

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