Hi! Thanks for looking at my blog. I’m from Massachusetts, just a little north of Boston. This is my second year at UVM – and it’s great to be back! There’s so much I missed about Burlington this summer… the mountains, the sunsets over Lake Champlain, the mocha breve from my favorite coffee shop Common Grounds… and all the other things that make up my life here.

After a year of deciding on a new major every week, I think I have finally settled into the one I’ll graduate with: Global Studies. It involves interdisciplinary study of globalization and its effects on our modern world. That sounds really official and like I know what I’m talking about but really a year ago I was pretty vague on the whole concept. I learned about it in an intro anthropology class and now it has become my major!

However, my life at UVM is not all about my studies, there are always fun things to do…. going to yoga classes at the gym, visiting friends in WDW, getting a double chocolate chip cookie at the Marche. Since I’ve been back I have been to this beautiful gorge close campus, gone apple picking, and to the beach. I am going sailing on Lake Champlain this weekend on an Outing Club trip.

I guess I am getting a little ahead of myself so I will end here. Until next post, Emma.

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