Hisashiburi – Japanese for “It’s been a while”

28 Sep

Yup, I didn’t post anything all weekend, mostly because I was busy.

Not much happened this weekend. I went home to mow our lawn (which takes about 4 hours, I live on a farm) and in the process, broke a window with the tractor. Yup, pure talent. I also said goodbye to my pet rat, Doki, who had to be put down because she’s old and sick. 🙁

Then I went home and did homework  >_<  Not fun.

Sunday, I went to church, then ate a ton of food that wasn’t necessary, then visited my grandparents.

… If you have something against Christians (which I truly hope you don’t) you probably won’t be interested in the rest of this post…

Then from noon on Monday to noon today, there was a 24-hour prayer session going on in the Catholic center put on by InterVarsity. Now, I’m not Catholic, and I don’t think InterVarsity is either, but I can commend the Catholic Center for their facilities. That building is freaking awesome!

But anyway, so I prayed for an hour at midnight, and then again at 10AM. Let me tell you, praying rocks! My views are that God is all-powerful, and that He really wants to love us and no prayer goes unanswered. I love praying because I have seen it change outcomes. In fact, this whole deal has prompted me to make a prayer wall in my room. It makes my whole day better when I pray!

At 7 I have a Bible study in the Davis Center. Until then I need to study for an English exam I have tomorrow…

or I could watch episodes of Chi’s Sweet Home (Japanese show)


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