Centennial Woods in the Winter


My new phenology site lies within Centennial Woods. Entering off of Catamount Drive the site is just a short walk on the main path. After crossing over the brook there is a small area with multiple trails coming off of it. Take the path that continues mostly straight, but with a slight arc to the right. After traveling down that path for about a minute veer off the trail to the right (away from the brook) and walk until you discover a small valley, that is the site. The site is predominately Eastern Hemlock with a few deciduous trees mixed in such as Yellow Birch, American Beech, and the occasional Hornbeam.

In the site, I saw many Snowshoe Hair tracks, some White-Tailed Deer tracks, Gray Fox tracks, what may have been a Mink or Weasel. The deeper into the valley I traveled the more evidence of animals I found. Higher in elevation I saw almost solely Snowshoe Hair tracks, the further I traveled away from the slope the more diversity I saw in animal tracks. The trees transition to a great concentration of deciduous trees and less Eastern Hemlock.   


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