Human History of Salmon Hole




Salmon Hole sits at the base of one of the most directly impactful human impact on a river, a dam. The original dam was put in by Ira Allen in 1786. Now the damn is operated by the local electric department to provide hydroelectric power to the area. The dam is definitely the most obvious form of human interaction with the area around Salmon Hole, but it is not the sole evidence of human interaction with the land. Walking through the paths of Salmon Hole one can find the remnants of recent human history through the food wrappers and used soda cups left laying just off the path, the timeline grows longer when a large fort crafted over years reveals itself to you upon your travels, it grows longer still with the old car hood rusting on the hill leading up to the current road. A town boundary marker shows how the land has been arbitrarily divided through the years. Currently Salmon Hole is a city park that allows people access to the fishing and walking trails.

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