EVENT: Energy Forum, Saturday 4/27, 1:30 pm, Billings Auditorium

Vermont’s Energy Choices: Old Dirty Problems and Clean Energy Solutions
Saturday, April 27th, 1:30 PM at the Billings Auditorium at UVM in Burlington

Do you want to stop dirty energy?  How can we find common ground in promoting wind, solar and other renewables?  Come find out more and learn how to make a difference!

If we really want to leave a legacy of clean energy for future generations, we have to make some tough choices right now. VPIRG and other environmental groups are bringing in several national and international experts on the problem of dirty energy and the real-world successes of renewable power. Get the truth about tar sands and the facts about fracking.  And finally, come find out what’s really happening with community-based renewable power in Europe.  (Hint: it works!)

This is no time to throw up our hands.  Let’s take responsibility for our energy choices and get to work.  This forum will help show us the way. Check out more information and RSVP at:


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