Archive for October 5th, 2017

Red Stone Quarry is an old stone quarry located south of Red Stone Campus.  I chose this area to do my plant based phrenology because it is a secluded space relatively close to campus.  There are also many interesting ecological features in the area, such as red stone cliffs, as well as a vernal pond.  You can reach the red stone quarry either at the end of Hoover street, or through a path located on Ledge Street, as you travel south of the Burlington Country Club.  There were a few animals hanging out when I first visited the site, such as frogs in the pond, and birds in the trees, but other than that it was pretty quiet.

The vegetation in Red Stone Quarry is mostly young trees and shrubs.  Near the pond and in the marshy areas there is an abundance of Cat Tails.  The most common trees and plants in the area include paper birch, sugar maple, striped maple, and eastern hemlock.  There are also numerous shrubs and bushes and buck thorn scattered throughout the land.  There is a path that runs north to south through the woods, but once you step off the path the forest gets very dense with a lot of undergrowth and shrubbery.

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