An Effective Website

A compelling and aesthetically pleasing website can be imperative to an certain individual’s success these days. Graphic designers, for example, showcase their work partly through the design of their website, which pulls a viewer or employer to keep browsing their site.

One commendable example of such a website is that of graphic designer, Julie Bonnemoy. The aesthetics of this website are particularly intriguing, I was immediately captivated by the cartoon hand extending a peace sign that is used to signify that the website is loading. The home page makes you feel like you’re inside of a lava lamp and the compelling phrase it reads gives you the only instruction really necessary for the essentially whole website, “scroll down.”

The way in which the website is designed, makes it so that one of the few things the viewer has to do is scroll. This website is rather user-friendly and straightforward. If you’d like to view her designs, simply click on them as you scroll down, and if you’d like to view her projects, click the project tab! There aren’t many images on this website besides the home page and Bonnemoy’s work, but her designs and the whole scheme of the site work well together to create a unique amalgamation  of art and simplicity.