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Phenology Finale

Posted: 4th May 2019 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

This is the last post for my phenology site, and I have mixed feelings about saying goodby to my spot. I loved how pretty of a spot it was and how quiet it was when the planes weren’t flying directly overhead, but I won’t miss the long trip to my spot as it was a […]

Springing into Spring!

Posted: 28th April 2019 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

Hello and welcome to spring everyone! There are some exciting new observations and signs that point to the phenological calendar flipping to spring. In the past couple weeks the annual spring snowmelt flooding of the floodplain has occurred. Using the second graph for a reference of the flood stages, and noting that according to the […]

Kinsman, North and South Peaks

Posted: 18th March 2019 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

A spot that I decided to use for the comparison to my site in the Burlington Intervale was the summit of Mount Kinsman, North Peak. This peak is part of the Cannon-Kinsman Ridge within the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The ridge runs north from Kinsman Notch to Echo Lake and Profile Lake the source […]

Snowy Intervale

Posted: 7th March 2019 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

March 6, 2019 The conditions on the walk into my site were markedly improved from my last trip where it was a solid sheet of ice. The conditions were a dusting of light powder that was from a snowstorm that stopped during the walk in covering a couple inches of hard crunchy snow with a […]

Icy, Icy Intervale

Posted: 14th February 2019 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

Visit on February 10, 2019 So, I visited my site on Sunday to snag some photos of the conditions from the previous week when my phone died and I couldn’t get any pictures. The conditions were the same with a lot of ice and some snow on the ground, the river completely iced over and […]

First Blog of Spring Semester!

Posted: 4th February 2019 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

Unfortunately, my phone died on my way to my site so this will be a sketch heavy blog post supplemented with hydrograph information from the Winooski River at Essex Junction hydrological station. KIC Document 0001 This is a link to my sketches of a sugar maple, a boxelder, and an american elm; from my site […]

End of Fall and Beginning of Winter

Posted: 8th December 2018 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

I was unable to take photos during my most recent trip to my site so I will try to explain observations using past photos as references to the current conditions with the caveat that all trees all have minimal to no leaf cover remaining and that most seasonal herbaceous plants have disappeared for winter as […]

Site Comparisons

Posted: 26th November 2018 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

The location where I compared my phenology spot to is a secondary succession forest regrown from former agricultural land and logging. The terrain is hilly with flat ground from the land usage as plowed agricultural fields. The top photos show some of the land usage features of the land including barbed wire fencing, boundary marker […]

Third Visit

Posted: 5th November 2018 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

Visit on 11/4/2018 at approximately 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time There were some significant changes to my phenology site since my last visit almost three weeks ago relating to the water level. Based upon a National Weather Service hydrograph, this change in water levels is the result of a peak discharge event during Saturday night […]

Second Site Visit

Posted: 22nd October 2018 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

Lat/Long Location: N44.50946, W73.21541 Visit on October 16th, was seasonably cold, mostly sunny, strong gusty winds.┬áThe top three pictures are examples of the forest composition of the site which is an edge habitat on west side of the Winooski River. From my first visit I missed several trees when doing the forest composition. I located […]