First Blog of Spring Semester!

Posted: 4th February 2019 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

Unfortunately, my phone died on my way to my site so this will be a sketch heavy blog post supplemented with hydrograph information from the Winooski River at Essex Junction hydrological station.

KIC Document 0001

This is a link to my sketches of a sugar maple, a boxelder, and an american elm; from my site map one can see that these are common tree species at my site.

Winooski River at Essex Junction

USGS Hydrograph of the Winooski River

Based upon the recent weather pattern of cold temperatures and low precipitation, we can see that the river is relatively low which combined with the mixed precipitation and rain from the last 24 hours has exposed part of the riverbank which combined with the melted snowpack has resulted in poor tracking conditions. This had made it so that there isn’t a clear idea of which species have visited my site; however, I hope that better snowpack conditions during my next site visit will make it so that I can clearly identify some of the species which have visited my site.

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