Third Visit

Posted: 5th November 2018 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

Visit on 11/4/2018 at approximately 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time

There were some significant changes to my phenology site since my last visit almost three weeks ago relating to the water level.

Based upon a National Weather Service hydrograph, this change in water levels is the result of a peak discharge event during Saturday night and early Sunday morning which resulted in the Winooski river reaching near the action state. A possible cause of this increase in the water level could have to do with the surrounding area having recorded precipitation levels of 3-5 inches within the last 14 days within the nearby portions of the watershed.

Upon closer examination, I am wondering whether the trees that I previously labeled as American Beech (fagus grandifolia) might actually be a member of the chestnut family; the leaves are pretty beat up so it’s hard to tell from the photo. Also the green ash and sugar maple trees have lost most of their leaves and there was some erosion at the edge of the riverbank.

Farewell, my next update will be posted in about two weeks.


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