Second Site Visit

Posted: 22nd October 2018 by ecschrei in Phenology Visits

Lat/Long Location: N44.50946, W73.21541

Visit on October 16th, was seasonably cold, mostly sunny, strong gusty winds. The top three pictures are examples of the forest composition of the site which is an edge habitat on west side of the Winooski River. From my first visit I missed several trees when doing the forest composition. I located 4 Boxelder, 2 Sugar Maple, and 5 Green Ash that were in my area.


The next set of photos are examples of impacts of species upon the different trees. In the photo on the left there are marks on a Sugar Maple in about the middle of the tree that could either be claw marks or cracks in the bark. The second photo of the tree from a different angle makes it look like cracks in the bark. The next two photos are examples of the impacts of invasive species as they show Green Ash and Boxelder trees wrapped in Japanese Knotweed vines, which from the shriveled, wilted leaves on the Ash seem to negatively affect these trees.



Overhead birds-eye view of phenology site




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