Learning Outcome 1 (knowledge category)

Students who are prepared to address the challenges of creating a sustainable world have knowledge of current issues in sustainability and are conversant with social, ecological, and economic ways of thinking.


  • Learning outcome 1: Students can have an informed conversation about the multiple dimensions of sustainability and its complexity.  (knowledge category)

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  1. Avatar of Deane Wang Deane Wang says:

    From BSAD (posted by Deane)
    For each of the critical success factors, it might help to offer some ideas as to how we can measure them quantitatively or qualitatively. For example, what qualifies as “informed conversation”? Perhaps one way to be more specific about implementation is to identify relevant curricular and co-curricular activities (existing as well as future ones) and their ties with these learning outcomes. These activities are relevant in the skills category as well.

  2. From BSAD says:

    For Learning outcome 1, would perspective be a more appropriate word than conversation?
    Learning outcome 1: Students can have an informed perspective about the multiple dimensions of sustainability and its complexity.

  3. Susanmarie Harrington says:

    A general comment on the document layout: sometimes the explanatory text in between the blue header and the learning outcome sounds like an outcome itself; sometimes it sounds like a rationale for the outcome. I find going back and forth between outcomes and explanations makes reading the document a little challenging. Maybe group all the rationales together?

    I agree with Alan’s suggestion above. And Jeff’s suggestion makes me wonder, generally, whether you can provide some guidance about the ways that sustainability connects to different disciplines–I’m assuming he suggests technical in order to make more apparent connections to the engineering curriculum. In the outcomes might not be the place to do that, but rather in the intro.

    Is the complexity of sustainability the same as its multiple dimensions? Just wondering whether you can simplify.

    And is conversation truly the goal? or communication more broadly?

  4. Alan Tinkler says:

    For each of the four outcomes, I will post slight revisions. The rationale for the slight revisions is to bring the action forward in order to ensure that the outcomes are clear and concise. One general revision that I’ve suggested deals with the deletion of “can” when it’s used. Each outcome (which implies “can”) is stronger, in my view, without “can.”

    So, for outcome 1: Students engage in informed conversations about the multiple dimensions of sustainability and its complexity.

  5. jfrolik says:

    This outcome might also include ‘technical and/or data-driven’ ways of thinking.

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