General comments about the learning outcomes

The UVM Faculty Senate Committee on Sustainability Learning Outcomes would like your feedback on our DRAFT outcomes (Nov. 1, 2013 version).  Please provide your general comments as a comment/reply to this posting.  There are four learning outcomes, each posted separately.  Please provide specific comments for each within the separate posting.  To leave a comment, Log […]

Learning Outcome 1 (knowledge category)

Students who are prepared to address the challenges of creating a sustainable world have knowledge of current issues in sustainability and are conversant with social, ecological, and economic ways of thinking.   Learning outcome 1: Students can have an informed conversation about the multiple dimensions of sustainability and its complexity.  (knowledge category)

Learning Outcome 2 (skills)

Knowledge gained through coursework from varied disciplines can prepare students to develop informed opinions and engage in complex discussions around sustainability.  Students can apply this knowledge to address the social, economic and environmental issues affecting the planet and its population that require global, collaborative solutions.     Learning outcome 2: Students can evaluate sustainability using […]

Learning Outcome 3 (values)

Coursework and experiences in sustainability are meant to widen social, historical, and cultural perspectives and strengthen students’ ability to take multiple viewpoints by exposing them to a wide variety of cultural constructions.     Learning outcome 3: Students think critically about sustainability across a diversity of cultural values and across multiple scales of relevance from […]

Learning Outcome 4 (personal domain)

Students connect conceptual learning to challenges and opportunities in the world outside of the university classroom by critically analyzing their experience in order to make meaning of it.     Learning outcome 4: Students, as members of society, can recognize and assess how sustainability impacts their lives and how their actions impact sustainability. (personal domain)