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Thank you for considering participation in this blog following up the DIPCON 2010 workshop on Landscape Controls on Diffuse Nutrient Transfers in Agricultural Catchments. At this workshop we committed to summarizing the workshop and following up with participants to develop a synthesis of emerging ideas and concepts. The summary with follow as an individual blog entry. Other blog entries will cover specific landscape level concepts we explored during the workshop discussion. An outcome of this collective discussion (during the workshop and in this blog) will be an article in the WATER21 issue covering the IWA Meeting.

Please look at the Blog and Comments in other topic areas to the right of this screen. In particular, we would like to learn about participants experience in working with the different aspects of diffuse pollution in the “landscape.” To this end we have created a “table” that asks questions about your work and experience. The entry is called “Participant Experiences.” Further instructions for input are provided there.

Thank you again for your participation.

Deane Wang (secretary) and Aubert Michaud (Chair)

deane.wang@uvm.edu & aubert.michaud@irda.qc.ca

About Deane Wang

I teach courses relating to ecology and education including conservation, sustainability, greening infrastructure, teaching in higher education, and race and culture for first year students. Working with graduate students (ecological planners and field naturalists), I emphasize service-learning and experiential learning. I also have supported an undergraduate summer service corps called LANDS (www.uvm.edu/~conserve). My research has been on biogeochemistry and nutrient cycling at the ecosystem and landscape levels, and more recently on sustainability and education. I have been a research associate at Yale and the Institute for Ecosystem Studies, an assistant professor at the University of Washington, and an associate and acting dean at the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources.
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