Early Puberty Plus Temperament Linked to Adolescent Anxiety and Depression

The onset of puberty has been occurring earlier for unclear reasons.  Furthermore, a relatively early puberty onset has been associated with internalizing symptoms such as anxiety and depression, especially for girls.  A new study from the journal Development and Psychopathology tests the idea that the effect of this phenomenon may depend on individual attributes such […]

A Note About Our Clinic Waitlist

As of early July, the waitlist for new patients and families wishing to be seen by any one of our clinicians for an initial Pediatric Psychiatry Evaluation is about 6 weeks, once we have received the completed packet of rating scales and questionnaires. While any delay for a family in need can feel unacceptably long, […]

Post-Irene Book Children, Trauma, and the Arts Distributed Across Vermont

The book Children, Trauma, and Arts, a collaborative project  between the Vermont Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Arts Bus Project was released last week.  The Arts Bus travels from town to town, providing children opportunities to participate in art, theater, and music.  After tropical storm Irene, the bus visited several […]

ADHD Diagnosed in 11% of Youth, According to New York Times

The New York Times is reporting data they received from the CDC’s National Survey of Children’s Health that the number of children who have received a diagnosis of ADHD has risen to 11% with some segments of the population, such as high school boys, as high as 20%.  The data come from phone interviews of […]

The Family Dinner

(Editor’s note:  I am very pleased to present a new posting written by one of our third year psychiatry residents, Dr. David DeVellis. –  DR) by David DeVellis, MD How often do you find yourself saying “I’d do fill in the blank if I only had more time”?  Exercise, sleep, and eating well–all vital for […]

Autism Assessment Clinic Has Openings for Vermont Medicaid Families

by Jeremiah Dickerson, MD Director, VCCYF Autism Assessment Clinic As you may know, the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, & Families, in partnership with the State of Vermont, has established an Autism Assessment Clinic to serve the needs of Medicaid supported children and families throughout Vermont.  Over the past two years, we have worked hard […]

Study Documents Previously Autistic Individuals Who No Longer Show Impairment

Autism is generally considered to be a lifelong condition.  While treatment can certainly be effective, the goal is often described more in terms of symptom reduction rather than a true recovery (in which no criteria of the disorder are met).  A small but intriguing study by Fein and colleagues, however attempts to document  a group […]

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Living in a World of Cyber-Everything

(Editor note:  I am pleased to post a new entry by one of our first year child psychiatry fellows – Feyza Basoglu, MD.  After all the new electronics many families received for the holidays, it gives us something to ponder – DR). “Addiction” has long been used as a term for only chemical dependence but […]

Talking with Children About the Connecticut School Shootings

All over the country people are horrified at the shootings that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Our hearts go out to all the families affected by this tragedy.  While many facts of the shooting remain to be learned, tonight millions of parents will do their best to try and talk to their children about what happened.  […]

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Dysregulated Infant – Dysregulated Child?

It is well known that babies get upset, but are infants who get REALLY upset and are very difficult to manage more likely to have behavioral problems later in life?  The data so far has been somewhat inconclusive and long-term follow-up is lacking. A new study from the journal Pediatrics may add some insight into the question. […]