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Students’ Use of Technology

This survey was adapted from a social media survey developed at the University of Michigan.  The goal of the survey, administered to undergraduate students in fall 2012, was to understand students’ use of social media to inform our practice. Below are some of the key findings:   Over 50% of students indicated that they currently […]

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Incoming class of 2013

The Higher Education Research Institution (HERI) has provided the following info-graphic of the incoming class of 2013.  What changes have you seen over the last few years in higher education?  What surprises you most about this graphic?  

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Every two years, the Dudley H. Davis Center deploys a campus-wide assessment.  This comprehensive tool surveys community members to help us better understand their attitudes and experiences related to the University’s student center’s programs, services and facilities.  Most recently administered in April, 2012, the Davis Center Biennial Survey is a critical element of our continual […]

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