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Acadia Hike For Spring Break in Maine

History of the park: It was first established as Suier de Mont National Monument in 1916. In 1919 it became the first National Park east of the Mississippi. It is located on Mt Desert Island which is just off of the coast of Main’s main land mass. From the summit i could see that water was surrounding the park. I could also see other small islands nearby called the porcupine islands. On my hike I was struck by a few things I encountered. First of all, half of the rocky path was slick with ice after the snow melting and freezing. This made it more difficult but so much more fun to get to the summit. There was a lot of bare rock especially as we got higher in elevation. some of the formations were really interesting and almost made rocky tunnels for parts of the trail. At lower elevations there were the standard mix of hardwoods, softwoods, and shrubs. the higher up we got, the more scarce the vegetation became. Near the top there were only scraggly short evergreens and some blueberry bushes and lichens.   There were roped-off areas that I was told were put in place to protect lichens in the park from hikers.   

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