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Before Spring Break

Red Spruce Northern Hardwood Forest seems like the most accurate description for my phenology spot. This is because my spot is not at a high elevation and consists of mixed hardwood and evergreen tree species including beech, birch, pine, and maple. The ground is also not steeply sloped or particularly rocky.

as for signs of spring I observed the ice beginning to melt on the pools of water. I saw a robin on a sumac near these pools, and some of the grasses under leaf litter are starting to turn green again. Some of the hardwood trees are also showing new growth and budding.


I was interested by a patch of shrubs that all had bark scratched or eaten off. The marks remind me of deer rubs but are low to the ground and are not on large trees.


On Biofinder, I can label the water that runs through the area along with the yellow/orange circle that indicates rare and uncommon species.

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