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Twigs and Tracking

I went to my phenology spot at about 1:30pm. It started snowing partway through my visit. luckily i was able to find some tracks before the snow covered them too much. I didn’t expect to find many tracks other than from humans and their dogs.

img_0661    img_0660

I did find dog tracks along the main path, but I saw these small tracks winding all over in between the trees. my initial guess was that they were rabbit tracks because it looked like the hind feet were long and big compared to small round front feet. My second guess was that these were squirrel tracks because they mostly seemed to start and stop at the bases of trees. I have also seen more squirrels in this spot than rabbits.

img_0680 img_0679 img_0675 img_0697 img_0679 img_0682 img_0675

I came home and used the track ID paper from class to analyze my pictures. This looks like the pattern of a galloper. both grey squirrels and cottontail rabbits are in this category. I believe that these are grey squirrel tracks because of the small size of the hind feet. I would expect the prints of a rabbit to have much longer hind prints. I could also make out the shape of the feet in some prints. the toes seem too elongated to be a rabbit.

I am not very good at IDing trees just by the twig so this was not the most successful trip for tree ID. I gave it my best shot using the twig ID sheet from class as well as by remembering what kinds of trees I IDed in the summer/fall.

img_0705 American Beech

img_0667sugar maple

img_0686 Black Oak

img_0689 Catalpa

img_0665 Gray Birch

img_0691 Red Maple

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