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Thanksgiving in Delaware!

I went to my Aunt’s house for Thanksgiving this year. I decided to do my phenology post on this area because the climate is so different from both Vermont and Connecticut. She lives on the shore of the lake. most houses have a sandy or rocky waterfront in their yard. My aunt’s waterfront had a big problem with erosion as they first moved in. Because of this, she opted to create a natural waterfront, and a generally more healthy landscape. This included planting native plants with strong roots to avoid erosion. she also had a bat box and a duck box hung from white oak trees to provide more habitat. Woody plants I found particularly interesting were the American Holly and the Magnolia. I have rarely seen Holly get very tall, and there were two Holly “trees” that must have been trimmed to have a long bare trunk and all the leaves and berries at the top. It may be a different kind of Holly, or a different plant altogether. I have seen very few magnolia trees, and finding the huge empty cone was so cool to me that I brought it back to school to keep on my desk

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