Before leaving for Swedish Lappland (northern, northern Sweden), my excitement level looked like this:

On the left, the worst serious “selfie” shot known to mankind…rectified by the best timing of a ‘jump for joy’ ever taken solo (right).

Somehow, I was able to transition those nearly uncontrollable nerves of anticipation to a liberated calm that allowed me to balance on this rock…and fully absorb the magnificence of the best life-decision I have ever made: to go to Kebnekaise Fjällstation (mountain station) and explore for two days.

I am officially back in Stockholm now. It’s been a real daze. I’m trying to regain an understanding of where I am now that I have been to Sweden’s wildest parts and have connected with a different kind of Swedish spirit found in new friends, Tobias and Karl.

I know I won’t be able to explain even half of what I encountered and experienced, but there is value in sharing at least the highlights . I think what I’m going to do is break it up into three different posts. It will be more digestible, more fun, and will keep me from blabbing. So look out for those.

Unfortunately, I have a nice, sizeable exam tomorrow (literally on the 6th day of class) so I’ll be studying and not writing until tomorrow afternoon after I’m done. I also need some time to readjust from the 18 hour train ride that just happened. Great things happen to our state-of-mind on trains, but often at the cost of fatigue, cramped muscles, and hysterically dazed appearances throughout it all. It’s pretty fascinating to see what we look like in and out of contemplation, dreams, and blankness—-it’s almost painful. I’ll give you that for now. NOTE: My favorite part is at 1:22. Just moves the book and…guards it?


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