Houston, we’re entering the blogosphere…

…do you copy? Watch closely, because this blog just might burn up and come crashing down in fragments. The potential has never been greater.

In the past, I have judgmentally shunned other college students who have created blogs to celebrate their oh-so-important foreign experiences. “It should be more personal than that,” I might say, or, “You would be more provoking for yourself and others if your reflections were done in the seclusion (and ultimate freedom) of a notebook.” Needless to say, this here blog seemed like the last thing I would do. Yet when you are in another country and multiple sets of people anticipate news of your wanderings, phone calls get expensive, Skype becomes time consuming, and writing becomes your best bet. E-mail works, but blogs provide the most dynamic platform to share stories and display contrast.

[Pompous-ass hat removed here. That’s for you, family.]

I do not intend to write long essays that require a coffee and a rocking chair to read. Everyone already has a large set of internet crafts and banter that they check and read everyday, and I do not want to add to the overwhelm (nor could I possible include all detail anyway). This is meant to share glimpses of my adventures here in Svenska and of the impending darkness, so you can come along, too.