Afternoon newsflash:::

Recounts of my visit to the island Grinda and last night’s outing to Stockholm’s most prestigious club are still in the works, but I have an important, very abrupt piece of news to share first:

I am going to Lapland. Tomorrow.

Near Kebnekaise mountain station outside of Kiruna, Lapland’s most northern city. Time is running out before the mountain stations along Kungsladen (the King’s Trail) close for the season… and before school becomes too committal.

NOTE: I told my professor, Jonas, about my dream to go hike part of Kungsladen. I asked him which day of school would be most appropriate to miss to make the haul worth it, thinking that he’d recommend a date later in September. I was shocked when he said, “Next Monday. Go. Do it. I encourage you.”

It’s hard not to love a Swedish professor who makes you take coffee breaks, and who not only works with you, but beckons you to go north. Thanks, Jonas.

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