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FTS Internship Information

Where other UVM students have interned

Posted: May 19th, 2012 by Deb

Here are some places UVM students have interned:


Kingdom County Productions  (KCP) was established in May 1991 by Jay Craven and Bess O’Brien. Together, Craven and O’Brien set out to fulfill their dream of making films rooted in northern New England—and produced seven award-winning dramatic feature films, six documentaries, a radio variety show, a touring musical theater production, and an Emmy-winning television comedy series. KCP recently launched The Institute of Arts, Voices, Action (AVA) which will produce film and theater productions that grow out of issues that are affecting Vermont and Vermonters.

DAY 427, a SAG Student Film – Columbia MFA Thesis, Writer/Director: Jeremy Robbins (Production Assistant on shoot in Vermont)

Wisconsin Rising, a grassroots documentary film that follows the people’s movement in Madison, Wisconsin, produced by Sam Mayfield

Rob Koier Productions

Fuse Marketing – Winooski, VT Fuse Marketing hires interns in the Summer, Fall and Spring.  They start interviewing 4 – 6 weeks before the semester, and have internships in PR, Brand Strategy and Creative.  They do “cyber-recruiting”.  Check out their application here.

HG Skis – Burlington, VT HG Skis is a start-up company that will continue to work with 2 interns. They need talented camera people willing to work odd hours making creative ski videos.  Nice perks.  Check out their website and contact via the “info” email on the site.  If you have questions about the work, contact me (Deb).

RETN – Burlington, VT

VCAM – Burlington, VT

Edgewood Studios – Rutland, VT

WCAX – Burlington, VT

Dealer.com – Burlington, VT

Burlington City Arts – Burlington, VT An FTS Senior interned at BCA and created videos of exhibits.  She felt the internship was a great way to transition from classroom experience to real-world experience.

Subatomic Digital – South Burlington, VT Interested in interns with an eye for detail!  Contact Bob Divenuti, Owner.  Typically internship hours will be in the evenings, during second shift.

Vermont Film Commission – Montpelier, VT


Universal Motown-Republic Group, NYC

Hungry Man Productions, NYC

MTV Networks, NYC

Lucky Duck Productions, NYC

Tupelo-Honey Productions, NYC

Crew Cuts Post Production, NYC

Chubby Skinny Kids Productions, NYC

Nassau County Film Office, Nassau County, NY

CNBC, Englewood Cliffs, NY

Original Media, NYC

Black Entertainment Television, NYC


Disney Studios, LA

Revelations Entertainment, LA

Threshold Entertainment, LA


International Channel of Shanghai Television Station, Shanghai, China “Culture Matters”, a cross-cultural bilingual talk show whose target audience is well-educated Chinese interested in Western culture as well as foreigners living in Shanghai.

Bryn Mawr Film Institute, Bryn Mawr, PA

Walden Media, Burlington, MA

Flashlight Media Group, Memphis, TN

Audubon Insectarium, New Orleans

Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group, Alston, MA


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