The Slightest Changes







It was a cold, windy day with lots of cloud cover. Not much has changed in the past week at the site. In terms of weather patterns, it hasn’t rained as much as the previous week so everything is much drier, there isn’t as much moss concentrated on the fallen trees anymore. Additionally, more leaves, mostly maple. have fallen and the ground seems to be more concentrated with the fallen leaves and even covers a lot of the pine needles that had originally dominated the ground cover.

I could not see much wildlife present around my site this week. The only thing I noticed was one bird from behind me that sounded relatively far away but I could not identify the call. Centennial Woods is an area that is quite popular for people to visit so it may hinder some of the wildlife’s frequency of appearance. Additionally, the weather was much colder today compared to the day prior so the stark weather change may have had something to do with the lack of wildlife appearances.