Radical Revision Checklist:

Here is a run-through of the things we discussed in our workshop class.

1.How does your radical revision represent a new angle/vision on your project 1 topic? I’m looking for a radical, vision-altering change, not simply clarification or grammatical correction.

2. Do you know your audience? Do you have a clear idea of your audience’s ideology? Assumptions? Cultural position?

3. Does your essay have a strong controlling idea? Do the parts and techniques used in your essay work together to produce a cohesive, complete whole?

4. Do you provide evidence? Do you use specific examples to prove your points and observations about humanity or life in general? Remember, specific examples are your currency; they are your evidence. You can use description, dialogue, observations, etc. . .

5. Do you avoid assumptions? ex: “Men never cry . . . Women hold grudges.”

6.Similarly, do you avoid logical fallacies? ex: “John was sick. This wasn’t surprising, because John was a coal miner, and coal miners always get sick after they work in the mines during the damp spring.?

7. Do your tone and structure work together to produce a compelling work? Is your essay free from choppiness, distracting grammatical errors, and preachy, didactic tonality?