What’s due in the portfolio

As promised, I am updating the blog with two posts. This one will outline what is due in the portfolio.

The portfolio is due Friday, March 4 in class. It should contain all of your projects and explorations, plus a cover letter (we will go over the parameters in class).

This should include

Exploration 1-your personal experience sketch

Exploration 2-the expansion of a scene from your personal experience sketch

Project 1-your argument from or inquiry into a personal experience (include my marked version, even though you can include a revised version if you like).

Exploration 3-your annotation of a paragraph from Doyle’s essay. If you haven’t picked yours up yet, be sure to remind me before you put the portfolio together.

Project 2-again, include my comments

Explorations 4 and 5 (maybe)-TBA

Project 3-radical revision of project 1.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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